Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fall Shopping Ideas

It is never too early for me to start Christmas shopping . Granted, I do feel a little guilty if I am shopping before Halloween, but the guilt usually passes quite quickly.

This year, though, my Christmas shopping and pre-Halloween abstention came together quite happily. I promised not to do any Christmas shopping until November of this year. So, I was concentrated solely on getting Halloween candy costumes decorations, and etc.

The last thing on my list was for a few kids' costumes. I had to find some sort of Dragonball Z character that one of the kids was begging to be for Trick r Treat. So I began searching it and found Twiggy's Treasures and was immediately floored by how cool some of the items in their stock were. Now what I found are all real swords, not best for a child's costume, but very cool for an adult like me who loves browsing through interesting items.

Samurai swords, dragon swords, swords from movies, TV shows, and games; once I started browsing, I could  not stop -- I even found a Legend of Zelda sword.

Twiggy's Treasures really brought out the child in me and I wanted to share with my readers ass well.

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